Here we go again…

I took a look back, and I realized I’m not that good at blogging. It’s been over a year since I wrote anything here, or on the other site…Yikes!

Having all this time to reflect on the past year (and then some), I have been working on a couple of things that I’m going to share here and elsewhere on social media.

First, I am toying with the idea of participating in Vlogmas this year on YouTube – 25 days, how hard can it be? Hmmmm 🤔 I am hoping to share my day-to-day holiday ramp-up leading up to the end of the year, so keep an eye out and we will see if I’m successful.

The other major project I have started, and it will be a long-term WIP, is the Northeasterly by Skeinanigans.

I saw another YouTuber mention this pattern (I feel terrible I cannot remember who it was in order to give them credit) and it is not only a great pattern for leftover yarn – fingering AND DK – but I realized it was a GREAT way to “memorialize” projects made throughout the year.

Because this project is so customizable, anyone could change it up to make any kind of showcase project they desired – the designer gives suggestions such as a scarf, wrap, headband, etc. I’m choosing the blanket (thinking a lap size right now, but who knows) simply because I realize I have a TON of leftover yarn to work with and in one evening I managed a strip of 5 chevrons equaling 3.5” in width and 15” in length.

The nice thing about this project is twofold – (1) it will allow me to treasure yarns and projects that have been given as gifts, allowing me to enjoy a piece of the project and the love felt when it was made and given to the recipient, and (2) I foresee this being a project that can be worked on anytime, anywhere, when I am between ideas/projects, or need a break, or I have lost my mojo and just want something to keep me busy until inspiration strikes again!

I am TRULY looking forward to this project and I imagine this blanket will reflect years of memories, projects, gifts and love.

Lastly, I am so happy I hit my Ravelry challenge this year. For 2019, I set my challenge at 24 projects (and was unsuccessful) but the thought of accomplishing about 2 projects a month seemed so achievable that I made that my goal again this year. And it has been a success! I will note at this point, I am currently sitting at 23. HOWEVER, there is a hat I am almost finished with, a pair of socks half done, and a couple of other projects I will have finished as presents, so I considered that a win!

For now, I think I will keep my challenge number each year at 24 until I feel I am able to achieve more FO’s early on in any given year. One of the silver linings of the pandemic has afforded me the opportunity to work from home, and I have had a lot of “commute time” now become knitting time, so my 2020 challenge may have been at an advantage. We will see how 2021 goes, with fingers crossed.

With that, stay tuned and follow along to see what the days leading up to the end of the year have in store.

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