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It was a good day…

Today was the start of a new adventure. We are spending the next four days on the Texas coast, in hopes of some R&R and catching sight of some wildlife, including the Whooping Cranes which make their winter home at the Aransas Wildlife Refuge. 

First stop once out of town was for midday lunch and pit stop at Buccee’s which is like a Disneyland-esque truck stop, sans semis. 

**is it watching me???**

Tons of food, candy, snacks and treats as well as toys, clothes, accessories, home decor, etc., etc., etc.

Do you like frogs AND chintz? Fancy!

There really is something for EVERYONE here!

After a few more hours, we had time to stop at the refuge for a sunset visit.  Lots of wildlife – birds, bunnies, deer, pigs, and hopefully some cranes.

the elusive Whooping Crane

After a scenic drive around the refuge, we stopped at the observation tower 5 miles in to view the Gulf and the barges travelling the waters.  And lo and behold off in the distance were some large white birds – the cranes!!!!

While this is my first visit here, my creator has been here a couple of times and they haven’t seen the cranes in person until now.  It was a beautiful, sunset-y moment and despite the distance, was awesome and made the end of today all the more satisfying.  There are definitely plans in the works to return tomorrow.

(Now it’s off to scrounge up some dinner and find our accommodations for the long weekend.)


There are times in your life when you forget everything else and are reminded of how rare and fleeting moments are.  A little more than 600 of these cranes exist, as of 2015, and we got to witness three of these adults (and possibly a couple of juveniles.) Life is beautiful, and it WAS a good day. ~ WF

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