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Life is so much better with friends!

So I’m the product of a great DIY website on how to make a worry pet:
My creator decided to make a few more for her friends for Galentine’s Day, and I enjoyed tagging along to watch my new friends come to life!

Field trip!

Ewwww, guts!!! 😝

I was made with poly-fil instead of the original pattern suggestion of pellets.  It makes me more cuddly and soft and squishy! 

Lunch break!

After refueling – I don’t eat, but it smelled good – it was on to today’s project!

Surrounded by fun supplies and future friends!
…from the inside out…
He-llo ladies!! 😉

And it’s been a productive afternoon.  I will be helping with a few more again tomorrow.  

I will leave you with a final picture. At the end of a long day, I like to curl up with my buddy May for a long nap!

May your life introduce you to new friends and new adventures! ~ WF


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